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Restart Shutdown Problem

As you know sometimes when we do the partition in our running windows specially for C drive the we download many type of software from the internet and then we do the partition then our...
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Google Tricks

google tricks
                There are many tricks which we dont know and that makes Google more intresting these tricks are as follows, Type the following Texts in your google search...
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google facts
 Original name of Google was “BackRub” Google’s server was got down 16 august 2013 for 5 minutes then global internet traffic was dropped by 40%. The first doodle was dedicated to a festival named “Buraning...
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Facebook Facts

facebook facts
You can not block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook. Al Pacino was the first face on the Facebook. 6,00,000 attemps are daily done to Facebook account. A blogger hired a women to slap him every time...
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Science Facts

If human eye was a digital camera it would have 576 Mega pixels.     The human eye can distinguish  10 million different colours.     People having blue eyes have the higher  tolerance with...
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Boost Brain Power Trick

Now a days every person wants to boost  brain power because brain is a power of every person. A powerful brain can do anything he want so this need of every person boost brain power....
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