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Domain Name Marketplace For Domain Name Investors

domain name marketplace

Introduction  To  Domain  Name  Marketplace

There is question generally asked by the newbies that

what is domain name marketplace??? or what are domain name marketplaces????

Basically A domain name marketplace is the place where you can buy and sell domain names. Domain name investors come there and domain name sellers sell their domain names. Also there are some domain name brokers available to get best deals for the sellers and buyer too.

A domain name marketplace can be called as the secondary market for domain names. Because people already have registered their domain names and they come to these place to sell their domain names.

There are lot of domain name marketplace which provides the facility of

Domain Name Selling

Domain Name Buying

Domain Name Parking

Domain Name Listing

Domain Name Auctions

Domain  Name  Marketplace





Domain Name Sales


Media Options






domain name marketplace sedo

SEDO is the largest Domain Name Marketplace. Sedo provided many premium domain names to domain name industry and sedo is most active domain name marketplace. It makes easy platform for companies to purchase domain names.

SEDO also provide the facility to appraise your domain names . SEDO provides domain parking too.

Buy Now comission fee for sedo is 10%,other sales 15% and SEDO MPLS is 20%.

Sedo Buy it now pricing range is from $60 to $10,000.


domain name marketplace godaddy

Godaddy is knwon for world’s biggest domain name registrar. Godaddy provides the facility

Domain Name Registrar

Domain Name Auctions

Domain Name Premium Listing

Domain Name Cash Parking

You can sell your domain name in godaddy auctions. You need to pay yearly fee to be a part of godaddy auctions. Godaddy auctions are famous in domain name industry. Go provides the premium listing of your domain names in which you need to set buy now price for your domain name and its free listing. Through premium listing buyer directly purchase your domain name. To sell the domain name from godaddy premium listing you need to pay comission to godaddy. Godaddy have 30% comission on its premium listing and its buy it now price range is from $100 to $99,999.

Godaddy also provides the facility to park your domain name. This known as the cash parking for which you need to pay godaddy to cash park your domain names. Godaddy is largest domain name registrar. Godaddy provides the domain name at cheaper price rates.


domain name marketplace afternic

Afternic is premium domain name aftermarket company. Godaddy have purchased the afternic. Afternic website interface is very good. Afternic sales the premium domain names. Afternic also provides the facility to park your domain names. Afternic has its premium listing program where you can list your domain names which can have more eye balls on your domain name.

Sale comission fee for afternic Network level is 15% and for Premeium level is 20%.


domain name marketplace flippa

Flippa is famous marketplace. Flippa is generally known for selling technical domain names. You can list your domain name at flippa its free.

Flippa is known for selling websites. Many businessman purchase sites from flippa. Flippa’s comission rate is 10% and buy now price range is $1 to $100,000,000.

   Domain Name Sales

domain name marketplace domain name sales

Domain name sales provides you free platform to sell your domain name means DNS do not  charge any comission fee for selling domain names  but if you use DNS Broker then it will charge you 12.5%. DomainNameSales.com provide you parking facility. DNS also provides you Inquiry form.

So if buyer visit your domain name then he can inquire your domain name to purchase and you can negotiate with him. You can upload your domain name portfolio and park them all.


domain name marketplace cax

You can sell your domain names at CAX and also you can rent them. CAX provides the facility to “BUY IT NOW” and “MAKE OFFER”. CAX have the comission of 8 to 10 percent it depends on the membership you have. CAX’s auctions are also promoted into the domianing.com’s newletter.

   Media Options

domain name marketplace media options

Media Options provides the Domain Brokerage, Domain Acquisition,Domain Monetization,Online Marketing and Domain Management.


domain name marketplace snapnames

Snap Names is very famous domain name marketplace where you can buy and sell your domain names at competitive prices. Snap Name have the 20% commission rate. SnapNames is a web.com company.


domain name marketplace 4.cn

   4.CN provides the facility to their user of domain name selling,  buying, domain auctions and domain name escrow. Escrow service have very much importance in buying and selling the domain names because it makes process in a safe way between buyer and seller.

As we already know .cn is used for the Chinese domain names and Chinese belive in numbers too much so you can also get the many Numeric Domain Names here.

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domain name marketplace bodis

Bodis is the place where you can list your domain names free and sell your domain names. Bodis is also a leading domain name parking company. Bodis is mostly known for its fast payment process of domain parking. Bodis pay parking money through paypal process. Bodis provides the facility of escrow process in selling or buying a domain name.


domain name marketplace sales.mx

If you are interested in mexican domain names then Sales.mx is a good marketplace for you where .mx extension represents the mexico. Sales.mx specially focus on the .mx domain names.

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