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Business VOIP Service Provider

   What  Is  Voip

Voip is called the Voice over IP or Voice Over Internet Protocol.

This voip service is best for the business companies to communicate with each other using the Voip phones in their office. Voip technology reduces cost of the international calling of companies. Voip phone service for business reduces the 80% cost of the companies for the international calling. Voip phone service for business also provides the facility of voice email.

In other words business voip service provider reduces the cost of company by giving the international calling facility over the internet.

Whenever a person makes a call from his office then this call goes the Voip server to the internet and then again at the receiving end there is also a voip server which receive the signal and sends to customer via the PSTN.

This how Voip works.

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   Business   Voip   Service   Provider

There are many companies available in the market which provides the voip services. We can have the voip phone services from the cable companies also. There are some voip phone service for business providers are,


Ring Central




Call Centric




Phone Power




   Business  Voip  Phone  Service  Reviews


Vonage is affordable and reliable VoIP phone system for your business. Over 40,000 companies have taken this Vonage Voip phone system. Vonage voip phone system is starting from $19.99 /month. Vonage voip phone system setup is easy to install.

Ring Central

Ring central’s voip phone system starting price is $24.99 /month. It is giving the instant activation , ther is no any requirement of hardware and its setup is easy.


ITP voip phone system is proving the 2 month and also ther is no need to pre pay. It is providing voip phone system for business $8.32 /month.


It is providing latest and reliable phone technology for all of business phone service at $ 19.99 /month.


It is giving 2 years of unlimited calling facility at $6.21/month. It is providing free voip adaptor lease ,free activation and free shipping.

Call Centric

Its setup charges are $1.50 and services at $6.95 month to month.

This was all about the business voip phone service reviews so that you can choose your best phone service for business.

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