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Now a days many people are purchasing the domains online because they want to increase their business. So number of domains registering per day are increasing. If number of domains are increasing then obviously their is chances to increase the getting of different kind of problem in registering domain names.

Godaddy is the biggest registrar.Many people likes to purchase the domains from the godaddy because it is providing cheap prices to buy a domain and obviously it is large network and very old registrar that is why it is famous.

So whenever you are going to buy a domain name from the Godaddy there are various methods to pay for the domains. 


If you are indian and purchasing a domain name and in cart if you are paying the payment in INR then its ok But if you are paying in the Dollar through your ATM card then after the purchase of your domain Godaddy will automatically save your payment method (ATM Information) in your account.

This is nice facility which Godaddy is providing so that if next time you are going to purchase a domain then you not need to put your ATM information in your account again and again. So the people who are purchasing the domain names daily or working as a domain name investor or i can say selling and buying domain names for them this feature is very useful.

After domain name registration if you want to remove payment method from godaddy account or your Debit or Credit Card information from the godaddy then you can not do because this card is using as a payment method for your domain name or i can say for your product it shows, 

Now the payment is not deleting because it is associated with the product. We need to resolve this.

There are basically two methods available through you can do it,

   First Method

You can transfer the domain name from this account to other account. To know how this see How to Transfer Domain Name In Godaddy

After the domain transfer is complete then we can remove the payment method from our old account.

   Second Method

This is hard and fast method or simple solution delete your domain name and then remove the payment method. 

This was all about the process to remove payment method from godaddy account.

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