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Many people are there they have made the website but they still didnt change the WordPress login page. If you didnt change the wordpress login page then it will show the wordpress default page showing his logo in the wordpress login page.


wordpress login page


If your site is brand able then you need to customize wordpress login page or if you are applying for the google adsense then also before applying for that we need to custom login page in wordpress.

In this process of customize wordpress login page you also can change the wordpress logo to your own website logo which everyone needs to do.

So to customize wordpress login page you need to install a plugin called,

[box]Atelier A5 Custom Login Page[/box]


Atelier A5 custom login page


This is very useful plugin to customize wordpress login page.All you need to do is that download this plugin from above given link and upload into your wordpress website and install then activate it.

Then after the activation there are several Tabs available in the General Tab you can change your logout message easily.

In the Logo Tab upload your customize logo of your website and give the proper size to your logo.Then see the preview.

all of these things which you can customize in your wordpress website are,

1) Logo

2) Insert Video

3) Login container

4) Login Form

5) Body and submit button

6) Message and input fields

So these are above mentioned things which you can easily customize for your wordpress website.

you can have a example of customize wordpress login page as,

custom wordpress login

As you can see in above wordpress customize login the logo as well as background has also changed.So this is the thing which you can use in your wordpress website to customize login wordpress page.

Also if you want to add the numeric captcha into your wordpress login page then you can follow the article,

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